2 The Max Training is Ozaukee Counties premier location for Sports Performance Training. We offer an array of options designed solely around each participants specific goals. We will sit down with you one on one to discuss in detail what you are looking to accomplish through training.

    We are available to answer any questions that you might have, such as, how many calories should I be Eating Daily, what are some things that I can do at home during my off days. Lastly We like to see all of our Athletes at least two times per week so that we can continue to help them progress towards their long term goals. 

Individual Training 

Individual Training at 2 The Max is the perfect choice for anyone that is looking for one on one attention throughout their entire session. Individual Training allows for our Trainers to create a fully customized program based solely on your individual needs as well as your sport specific goals. We will also help in creating and monitoring your daily food intake in order to further enhance your results.

Group Training(at least 3 people)

Group Training at 2 The Max is the perfect option for anyone that wants to workout along side their friends or teammates. These sessions are a great way for our Athletes to complement their individual sessions as well as get some of their friends to join in so that they can also enhance their sports performance. These sessions have the same layout as an individual session the only difference being that it is not in a one on one setting.